I’ve been called names before. From front-end developer, to wordpress theme creator, to even ::gasp:: a web designer. But there was one time when I told someone I did that, they looked up my site, and called me a fake because I used a theme for my personal site. Listen, I work all day on websites and designs, as much as I’d like to code my own–it easily gets pushed to the back burner. Not that I don’t take pride in my work, I do–I absolutely love what I do; I just like to get out from behind the computer every once in a while and head to the bar. I do great thinking there. And drinking.

Take a look at my portfolio, it hasn’t been updated in a while because it takes time. Time I should find, but I’m planning a wedding right now…so maybe after that I’ll update my site. Hell, I might even begin to code the site I have already designed. Holy shit–that’s very ambitious of me. I need to go think right now…

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By lkranak

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