Animated Short on Typography

Well, it appears that I have been absent for a while and haven’t updated on my sweet thoughts on design…rest assured I am back. Back in June, I went to the HOW Design Conference and had the most amazing experience in my career. Why? I don’t know, it’s just the most awesome conference I have ever been to and creativity was just oozing from every corner! I had some blog posts written about it, but now I fear it might be too late. Maybe, I’ll still add them in and reset my publish date to something earlier (muahaha…evil laugh). But, I digress…

I found a cool little short on the history of typography. It’s a great 5 minute video explaining what you learn in a full semester class at some schools. Which is nice, because it’s short and free! Ben Barrett-Forrest does an amazing job with not only the script, but the execution of the vid as well. Take a look and see your typefaces come to life with paper–one of my most favorite things in the world. Enjoy!


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